Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (EN)

Built in 1901, this building was renovated between 1923 and 1927 by the architect Hippolyto Pujol Junior to house Banco do Brasil head office in São Paulo. The building features neoclassical and Art Nouveau influences; one of the highlights is the old vault of the bank branch, in the basement. Since 2001, it is home to one of the most active and full-featured cultural attractions in São Paulo.


– The main characteristic of the building’s interior is the span that crosses all floors, illuminated by a stained glass window skylight executed by Casa Conrado Sorgenicht.

– At the building’s basement, the vault of the former branch stands out.

– Details scattered through the CCBB building present allusions to coffee branches, pineapples and tobacco leaves, icons of preindustrial aristocracy.

– At the main entrance, there is a bust of Mercury, the roman god of trade.

– The Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil [Banco do Brasil Cultural Center] forms part of the ‘Architecture in Downtown’ and the ‘Coffee and the History of the City’ thematic itineraries. For more information, please access www.cidadesaopaulo.com or seek for the nearest Tourist Information Center.

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Address: Rua Álvares Penteado, 112 – Sé

Openinig hours: open for visits from Tuesday thru Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Open to the public for exhibitions. For film, theater and music, please check the site.