Edifício Copan (EN)

Designed in the 1950s by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, in collaboration with Carlos Lemos, Copan was opened in 1966. It is a landmark of São Paulo, with its unmistakable “S” shape, over 2000 residents and the diverse shopping arcade on the ground floor. Visits to the top of the 115-meter (377-feet) tall building provide an impressive view of the urban landscape of the area.


– There are about 2 thousand people living in its 1,160 apartments of various sizes.

– Correios [Post Office] decided to designate a special zip code for the building’s condominium – 01066-900.

– Edifício Copan [Copan Building] has 120,000 m² of construction, area equivalent to fifteen soccer fields.

– Edifício Copan [Copan Building] is part of the ‘Vistas’ thematic itinerary. For further information, access www.cidadedesaopaulo.com or seek the nearest Tourist Information Center.

+ Information

Address: Avenida Ipiranga, 200 – República.

Opening hours: open for visits from Monday thru Friday, except holidays, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Registrations at Block F, mezzanine.

Open to the public.