Faculdade de Direito da USP (EN)

A important institution for the development of the city, it was established in 1827 and brought ferment and intellectual activity to the quiet 19th-Century São Paulo. First law course in Brazil, it was intended to train leaders and public administrators for the newly-emancipated country. Initially, it housed the colonial-style Franciscan convent, demolished in 1932 to make way for the current neocolonial building.


– When the Faculdade de Direito [School of Law] was installed, São Paulo had little more than 26 thousand inhabitants.

– Buried in the inner yard of the faculty is the body of Prof. Julio Frank. The professor could not be buried in the cemeteries existing in the city because he was protestant and these belonged to the catholic church, a fact that touched his friends and students, who were able to bury him inside the School.

– His students or graduates took part in the main political movements of Brazil’s History, from the Abolitionism of Joaquim Nabuco, Pimenta Bueno and Perdigão Malheiro and the Republican Movement of Prudente de Moraes, Campos Salles and Bernardino de Campos to the ‘Direct Elections Now’ campaign of Ulysses Guimarães and Franco Montoro.

– Over time, nine Presidents of the Republic, several governors, mayors and other countless personalities graduated from it.

– It is believed that the phrase “É pique, é pique, é pique, é pique, é pique! É hora, é hora, é hora, é hora, é hora! Rá-tim-bum!” [sang in birthday parties in Brazil] originated from the birthday parties attended by the students of the Faculdade de Direito [School of Law]. The “pic-pic” would be a reference to a student who took a pair of scissors along to trim beard and moustache and the “rá-tim-bum” allegedly originated from the name of an Indian raja who visited the faculty, called Timbum.

– The Faculdade de Direitoda USP [USP School of Law] is part of the ‘Afro-Brazilian’ and ‘Architecture in Downtown’ thematic itineraries. For further information, access www.cidadedesaopaulo.com or seek the nearest Tourist Information Center.

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Opening hours: from Monday thru Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.