Galeria Prestes Maia (EN)

Galeria Prestes Maia is an underground passage that connects Praça do Patriarca to Vale do Anhangabaú. Opened in 1940, it features a deluxe finish and consists of three floors: basement, ground floor and mezzanine – where Almeida Júnior Hall, with 6000 m² (64,583 sq. ft) of area, is located. There you can enjoy sculptures on display, including Graça I and Graça II, by Victor Brecheret.


– The construction of the Galeria Prestes Maia [Prestes Maia Gallery] was result of improvement of the empty spaces at the end of the structure of the new Viaduto do Chá [Tea Overpass].

– At the time of its inauguration, it had vast shelters for bus passengers, exhibition halls, garage and public restrooms.

– It bears the name of the mayor at the time of its inauguration, Francisco Prestes Maia. – It currently operates as an assistance square of the Prefecture.

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Location: Between the Praça do Patriarca [Patriarca’s Square] and Vale do Anhangabaú [Anhangabaú Valley].