Largo da Memória (EN)

This former meeting point for locals and drovers who came to the city received, in 1814, a fountain and a stone obelisk – which still exists, being the oldest monument in São Paulo. In 1919 a renovation project was conducted, designed by the French architect Victor Dubugras, with the installation of a new fountain, stairs and decorative tiles by the painter José Wasth Rodrigues.


– The old water fountain was removed from the site in 1872, time when, because of the railroad, the entrance door of the city was transferred to the region of Luz.

– Largo da Memória [Memory Square] was formerly known as Largo do Piques [Piques Square].

– The decorative tiles present the city’s coat of arms, which was chosen through public tender.

– The 1919 reform, conducted due to celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence, was the work of architect Victor Dubugras and of fine artist José Wasth Rodrigues.

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