Mercado Municipal (EN)

Opened in 1933, it is one of city’s main attractions. Designed by Felisberto Ranzini, it includes stained glass windows by Conrado Sorgenicht Filho. With corridors filled with colors that catch everyone’s eyes and smells that entice the palate, the famous “Mercadão” (Big Market) is an invitation to sensations and features a part of São Paulo gastronomic diversity with a multitude of ingredients and delicious dishes.


– In the gastronomical space, one can enjoy the beauty of the market’s architecture while enjoying one of the delicious dishes offered, among which we highlight the exuberant ham sandwich and the tasty codfish fried turnover.

– About 350 tons of food is moved daily in over 290 boxes. A total of 1,500 employees work here.

– The artist Conrado Sorgenicht Filho, creator of the Market’s stained glasses, is the author of other famous stained glasses of the city, like those of the Cathedral da Sé [Hole See Cathedral].

– The themes of the stained glasses are linked to food production.

– It is one of the most traditional gourmet points of the city, where one can find the most varied types of fruits, legumes and greens, as well as red meats, fishes and seafood, even imported spices and products.

– The Mercado Municipal [Municipal Market] is part of the ‘Creative City’ thematic itinerary. For further information, access or seek the nearest Tourist Information Center.

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Address: Rua da Cantateira, 306 – Sé.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 6 AM to 6 PM; Sundays and Holidays, from 6 AM to 4 PM.