Viaduto Boa Vista (EN)

This small viaduct with Art Deco lines was opened in 1932, shortly before the beginning of the Constitutionalist Revolution. Designed by the French engineer B. Gaucherry and the architect Oswaldo Bratke, the work facilitated the movement of trams, since it connected the current Pátio do Colégio area and the Florêncio de Abreu and Santa Ifigênia streets, over Ladeira General Carneiro.


– It was in this place where today Viaduto Boa Vista [Good View Overpass] stands, where the first film exhibitions in São Paulo took place. In spite that there was no movie house there, photographer George Renouleou and illustionist Faure Nicolay, both French and solely passing through São Paulo, projected the first films in 1896 and 1897 respectively, in the outbuildings of Teatro Apolo [Apollo Theater]. The place started to be occupied after Teatro Santana [Santana Theater], demolished in 1912 for construction of the viaduto Boa Vista [Good View Overpass].

– The name bestowed by the street to the overpass, arises as a result of the extremely beautiful panoramic view that there used to be on the right side of the overpass (in the direction of the traffic flow), of the Tamanduateí river valley, which is today canalized.

– Boa Vista street, which starts at the overpass, had already been the financial center of São Paulo.

– At the end of the overpass, on a elevated panel, the amount of collected federal, state and municipal taxes is posted. It is an initiative of the Associação Comercial de São Paulo [Commercial Association of São Paulo] and it aims to let the taxpayer aware of the collection, stimulating him to follow up and demand from his government officials the good use of these resources. The debt clock became the city’s tourist attraction.

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Address: Rua Boa Vista, s/n – Sé. Viaduto Boa Vista connects Pátio do Colégio to Rua Boa Vista.